Çağ College Acceptable Usage Policy


The purpose of this policy is to comply with the terms of use and acceptance of Çağ College Computer Systems and to determine the acceptable use policy.


This policy applies to all Cag College Computer Systems and Information Technology services.

It covers all users given access right from inside or outside.


From the implementation of this policy, the School Principal, its preparation and updating

Information Technologies Coordinator is responsible.


Çağ College, website, social media, e-mail accounts, technical equipment, etc. demands that all content, hardware and rights are reserved, and that it is not shared, duplicated, or edited without permission.

It is required to act in line with the purposes of the College and to be aware of the limited use of technological devices and user accounts acquired in the digital environments offered by Çağ College or in line with the facilities provided.

By using the network structure of Çağ College, it states that actions taken for personal purposes are not a right, but are acceptable to a limited extent.

Çağ College can suspend its entire infrastructure whenever it deems necessary, without any notification.

All users must comply with the Çağ College Acceptable Use Policy and they agree to this policy from the moment of use.

It is requested to avoid any behavior that will put Çağ College under obligation and it is deemed to be accepted with the beginning of use.


5.1. Acceptable Use Policy

5.1.1- Çağ College owns all the rights, property and interests on the computer systems of Çağ College.

5.1.2- Any provision under the Acceptable Use Policy of Çağ College or the terms and conditions published by the College regarding the use of computer systems does not in any way mean that such rights, property and interests are transferred to users.

5.1.3- College users only recognize a personal, worldwide, free, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use computer systems.

5.1.4- Users may not copy, modify, reproduce, create derivative works from, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise convert any software or any other part of their computer systems to source code.

5.1.5- Users cannot use computer systems that the College does not allow. Unauthorized use of computer systems by providing false or deceptive information or in other ways to gain access to computer systems is prohibited.

5.1.6- Users cannot use the College's computer systems to gain unauthorized access to the computer systems of other institutions, organizations or persons.

5.1.7- Users cannot authorize anyone for any reason to use their College accounts.

5.1.8- The account owner is responsible for any use of the college account. Users should take all reasonable measures, including password protection and document protection, to prevent unauthorized use of their accounts. They should not share their passwords with another person and should change their passwords regularly. The account holder is responsible for any transaction performed using the password of a user account, even if the party performing the transaction is not the account holder himself.

5.1.9- Commercial use of the computer and network systems used by the college is prohibited.

5.1.10- Distribution and storage of stolen, copied, fraudulent and illegally acquired data in college systems is prohibited.

5.1.11- The sites and applications linked with the college system must comply with their Usage Policies.

5.1.12- Inappropriate content, blackmail, unnecessary mass mail, advertisement, etc. submissions are prohibited.

5.1.13- The College is not responsible for any content or software not provided by the College or any problems that may arise from them.

5.1.14- Users are responsible for their personal data.

5.1.15- It is mandatory to notify Information Processing if a critical vulnerability is detected in the College network or hardware in a way to cover all.