The Food Procedure of Çağ College

Nutrition is an essential factor for the healthy development of children. Moving from the fact that the habit of healthy diet is only learned in younger ages, the menus are arranged to meet the daily energy and nutritional needs of our students in accordance with their agegroups.

It is principally important for us to have the food be prepared in hygienic conditions and that the supplier must be one of the leading firms in Turkey which produces in accordance with Turkish food codex and has sufficientaccreditations.

Our primary and high school students are provided with a balanced diet of four dishes and ayran, and the Pre-primary students receive an afternoon snack. Utmost attention is paid to have the menus include necessary dietary supplements  of proteins, vitamins, fat andfibres.


Control of Administration of the Food

School meal service is provided by English COMPASS and STFA associated with SOFRA A.Ş. The company is nationally and internationally qualifed with the followingcertificates;

ISO9001:2000,TSEN22000,OHSASTS   18001,TSEN

ISO 10002, TS EN ISO 14001(Certificate of environmental management system),  TSEN ISO 500001 (Certificate of energy management system ), SA8000.

The meals are periodically controlled in order not to harm consumers by physical, chemical and microbiological dangers. The personnel and the kitchen are examined by inner and outer examiners. Moreover, the school administration is also involved in theexamination.

Disinfection is carried out by the cleaning personnel by the use of world known cleaning products. Daily disinfection processes, the temperature of the storehouse products, the temperature criteria during production and the control of the raw material are registered daily. Food contamination is kept to be minimum, for this purpose, the kitchen personnel must have  gloves, mask and bonnet. Furthermore, they are to be checked periodically.



 Menus are schemed by a committee consisting of Cag College Administration, Cag College General Administration and Sofra Project Director considering healthy and balanced nutrition principles and the daily calory needs of the students compatible with the mutually approvedagreement.

Seasonal vegetables and fruit are considered scheming the menu. Food materials are supplied from the most esteemed companies of Turkey and these suppliers are regularlychecked.

Vegetative liquid oil is used instead of butter and margarine that have side-effects on heart and vein health. Fried meals are decreased in the menu. Instead of frying, baking, grilling and  boiling are preferred for cooking. Additives and canned food are very limited for using in meals. All the nurishment paints,  flavourings and bulyons areprohibited.

In hot seasons (between May and November) meals which are risky for cooking techniques are completely prohibited. Some very risky food is not allowed to be served in the menu all theyear.