Anatolian High School

From High School Principal

Welcome to Çağ Science High School/Çağ Anatolian High School WEBSITE.

Having now left behind 31 years, the alumni, more than a thousand, in whom we take great pride, with the principle of maintaining the same baseline and the level of quality, Çağ Science High School / Çağ Anatolian High School is one of the leading education foundations in Turkey.

Our primary aim is to educate each of our students to be a self-confident, inquiring, tolerant, positive, well-rounded individual and as a person who respects his society he lives in and the other nationalities.

Going through the curriculum with the modern methods and techniques, our academic staff are open to innovation, expert on their subjects and very dynamic.

Science festival, project work, all educational-cultural-sports activities and social responsibility projects make them develop high awareness of global issues, produce peaceful resolutions, and be distinguished individuals in their future life.

We focus on TÜBİTAK Olympics (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey), Mathematics Olympics run by Mersin University, and various other competitions and all these works are assisted by the teachers within a program.

English and Modern Foreign Languages , which is German at Çağ, have great importance in terms of educating all our students to become global citizenships of the world.

Our basic aim is to have our graduates learned B2(The Common European Framework) level of English and Grundstufe A2 level of German.

Our graduates have proven their success by attending the university programs they desired for. Besides this, some of our graduates are continuing their education in other parts of the world and some alumni have already graduated.

As our students have been educated with great emphasis on revolutions and principles of

Atatürk, and have been guided in continuous stability and supported with proper academic methods as well as traditional extra curricular activities we do take great pride in them at the end of 26 years.

We hope you find it interesting and helpful.

Seyyal Cengiz