Science High School

Guidance and Counseling

Responsibilities and Duties of the School Guidance and Psychological Counselling Service

  • The school Guidance and Psychological Counselling Service prepares the yearly plan within the framework   of the Guidance and Research Centres (RAM) and the guidance curriculum of the Ministry of National Education and the needs of his students.
  • Guides the Class Teachers to implement the plan  and the programme neatly and accurately.
  • Plans the educational and vocational activities according to the needs in the fields of success and academic development and guides to put them into implementation.
  • Conducts the individual guidance services according to the principles and the  standards in that field.
  • For the educational, vocational and individual guidance services he plans activities to learn about the individual  needs of the students.
  • Conducts inventories, tests etc. which have been administered by the Guidance and Research Centres. (RAM)
  • In order to write an Evaluation Report cooperated by the Class Teacher, parents , the student himself and the school administration in the final year of the student, the school guidance teacher uses the results of the tests, inventories etc. conducted during his school years and determines the student's  cognitive  and emotional strengths, his progress on regular basis, basic  and important talents and he also  writes down his advice for each student. Gives the original copy of the Report to the student and puts the copy of it on the student's personal file.
  • He searches for the most suitable elective course schedule to be put into practice according to the number ofthe branch teachers , the possibilties of the school and environmental conditions. He expresses his point of views about the course schedule to the branch teachers.
  • Prepares the required reports, the student development files , and the other materials and keeps some of the necessary records. Prepares the required correspondence and the requested reports.
  • He examines the newcomers' files from prior schools and  does evaluation studies with the Class Teachers.
  • Assists in preparing  and improving the documents , resource booklets and evaluation - measurement materials in order to use in the field of academic and guidance development.
  • Assists with the Class Teachers and branch teachers and inform them regarding the student 's academic achievement, abilities and skills in order to make the students choose the most suitable student club.
  • Conducts seminars, conferences, panels and meetings during the year for students , school academic staff and parents depending on current -planned issues and needs.
  • Attends and and participate in  guidance-related faculty meetings as well as other professional and committee meetings. Inform the staff and express his views.
  • At the end of the academic year he evaluates the performances within the framework of the Regulations and in line with the philosophy of the school. Prepares a report regarding it.


Vocational Guidance

 Guidance services provides assistance on exam and choice/selection for the candidates who will take the University Entrance Exam in order to attend a university.

Places equal importance on ensuring that the students make the right career decision based on their interests and academic performance.


**  Individual Counselling for Students

Various tests and inventories are conducted to know the students better so that they can be provided with effective assistance.


** Group Guidance for Students

Group guidance activities are conducted to bring together students with similar problems to provide them with group support.Such activities are held with groups that consist of limited number of students.


** Guidance and Counselling for Pre-Primary and Primary Students

Guidance service aims to discover and develop student's abilities and skills and other behavioral characteristics  and inform the parents about them. Activities are designed in line with student's personal and social development and also improvement of the his  study skills and motivation.

 The essential target of the Guidance and Counseling Service  is to maintain protective and preventive guidance.