Scholl Vehicles

All  of  the  school  vehicles  is  provided  by  agreedfirms.

There is no private vehicle belonging to theschool.


The Qualities Required in the Service Buses

  • Vehicles used for transporting the personnel and the students; minibuses with 2012 and above model, must be in accordance with the regulations stated by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and they must have working air-conditioning and heatingsystems. No bus is used at our school.
  • The passenger capacity of the vehicles must be in accordance with the original factory capacity. Further increase in the passenger capacity is prohibited due to the securityreasons.
  • The seats of the service buses must be solid (not ripped), and the glasses must be with filtering system and equipped with spare Wheel, jack, fire extinguisher etc. The vehicles must be put into service according to these necessaryconditions.

 Buses before transporting must be serviced, inner-cleaned , air-  conditioned, glasses and outer part cleaned.

     Maintenance and fuel supply must not be done before servicing.

In case of using vehicles, which is not in accordance with the regulations, this must be notified in one day in a written fashion and a new vehicle must be provided in accordance with the agreement and legislation. If the head (head of service buses) causes any kind of irregularity, he will be given a  penalty of 2000 TL according to the agreement.The administration can collect the penalty according to the Article 15, without giving another warning. Furthermore, the administration can terminate the contractunilaterally.

  • The head accepts any changes in the law and regulations in the period of agreement, and he also admits all the changes in the legislation made by Traffic Commission or Traffic Control Unit without giving notice andwarning.
  • According to the service regulations of service buses, if the buses do not have the financial responsibility insurance, the personal  accident  insurance  and  the  seat  insurance,     they cannot transport any students. All the insurance policy  expenses are paid by thehead.

All the service vehicles must have reverse warningsystem.

  • Vehicles which carry students must have wire protection so that items thrown from outside through the windows and students who may hang out can beprevented.


The Transportation Requirements of the Students and Employees and Their Training and Responsibilities

  • Determination of vehicles which teachers and students use throughout the year is decided in the beginning of the academic year. In case of address change, if the parents inform  the school administration, the students’ service bus ischanged.
  • Adjustments are made for the service hours in the first day.  Who will be picked up from which point and what time are decided and the students and teachers must be at that point in that specified hour.Two minutes is the minimum waiting time unless any information is given to the driver or the teacher in  theservice.
  • In the secondary education services, the teacher and the hostess must not be in charge. However, in primary education services, the teacher or the hostess must be incharge.
  • The school-bus drivers cannot carry a standing passenger. All the passengers fasten their seat-belts before moving and non- sitting students are warned by the teachers orhostesses.
  • Passengers are not allowed to smoke or take alcohol. The drivers cannot smoke or take alcohol or speak on the phone whiledriving.
  • The school-buses cannot exceed the speed limit. The drivers who break this rule are dismissed by the transportcompany.
  • School rules are valid in the school-buses. In case of any troubles the school administration takes necessaryprecautions.
  • No one is allowed on the buses excluding the teachers, students, hostesses anddrivers.
  • Drivers and hostesses are given inservice training in theyear.